Cotton Blossoms

One of the things South Georgia is known for is its acres and acres of planted fields. Depending on the time of year,  different crops will be planted and harvested, such as  corn, field pees, soy beans, and cotton.

Every winter, the fields turn white... not because of snow, but because of millions of small cotton blossoms. It is one of my favorite things to see. Last year, my mother in law grabbed a few leftover branches of cotton, stuck them in a vase, and placed it in the kitchen of their home. Every time I see it, I love it!

Although I haven't figured out how I plan to decorate with cotton - whether in a centerpiece, a few vases, or as a wreath - I just know I want too! All ideas welcome!

Here are some of my inspiration photos: 
(you can click on the photo to go to its original link)

The Little Pheasant blog featured this super cute wreath! The author of the blog, Denise Fasanello, is a floral designer and is unbelievably talented.

And of course Southern Living knows how to make it look classy!

Much love,