Fabulous French Benches

Have you met Candice Olson yet?

Well, I haven't either - although, because I watch her on TV, sometimes I feel like we are friends.

She is the host of HGTV's show, Divine Design's, and always has such innovative decorating and remodeling ideas. Well, today, she was doing a basement makeover in a 'French' design scheme. French design may not be my cup of tea, but she created a space the owner of the home absolutely loved! That's what is important right?

That was Candice's design - I'm sure you got confused and thought with my design skills, I had done that myself - easy mistake to make. I'm sorry... no one would ever confuse my design skills and Candice Olson's - apparently, I need a little decorating pick-me-up today!

So, back to her design, I was so excited when she pulled out a fabulous french country bench to snug up to the table. Do you see it in the picture above?

You may be wondering why I was so excited.. well that's simple - because I have one too!

You see it over there in the corner?

That's right! Mine is stuck under our unfinished windows while not in use. Right now, I'm hoping that instead of you looking at our bare walls above, you'll look at the colorful pillows and cute bench! Distraction is key. However, if you come over tomorrow, you might find it in the hallway, laundry room, in front of the fire place, or somewhere else in my house. I seem to move it around a lot! Sometimes I even think I need another one... I don't.

I bought mine on sale at TJ Maxx for around $100. I've been hunting one down for my mom but can't find a good price yet. So far, the cheapest price on the web is $386. Yuck!

And since, I bought my bench prior to Candice filming this makeover, I think it's safe to say Candice and I should be friends and we have the same taste. So, Candice, my buddy, when you need help on your next design, you know who to call! I'm available - pretty much always available! 

p.s. I'm sorry for this post - I'm in rare form today!

Much love,


  1. must say it again, i love your house!! SO much character :)


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