Home Office and Window Benches

Zach and I are about to start a project to completely redo my home office. I spend a lot of time in this little room during the day and I want it to be a room that inspires me and makes me smile. I had a great desk, filing cabinet, and all necessary office essentials, however, although bought new, the furniture was missing pieces and I just didn't like it. So, we sent it all back.

I have a new idea for my office and now, Zach and I just have to do the work to get it there! Wish us luck!

Here are a few pictures of the set-up that no longer exists...

 Don't I look so official with two monitors? Although handy, they do create a slight decorating challenge when placed in front of the windows. With my new plan, they won't be there anymore!

One of the projects that I'm thinking about doing is building a bench, with a cushion, to span across the wall under the three big windows.  I'd also like to add some pretty drapes that will softly cascade on each side of the set of windows.

If you squint while looking at the picture, you may be able to imagine it with me.

I'll likely go with a neutral color scheme with some pops of color that I can change as often as my mind and taste changes - which may be more often than I'd like to admit!

Here are some of my inspiration photos. Let me know what you think!

I'll take the cute little boys too while I'm at!

No, not seriously... we just got married a few months ago and need a dog first!

Just some ideas! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Much love,