Home Sweet Home

This past November, Zach and I took the plunge from living single lives in two different states to getting married and beginning our fun-loving adventure of living life together. I moved to be with him in Valdosta.

House hunting ensued on the weekends that I could sneak down to South Georgia. We were unsure of if we would find a house that was in our newlywed budget and could meet our needs - but we did! We settled on the house and signed all necessary paperwork the weekend before our wedding. Thank goodness for family! Everyone was such a big help in setting up our home so that after the wedding, Thanksgiving, and our honeymoon, we'd have a bed to sleep in and dishes to use (even if we didn't have heat in December - more on that later!)

Here she is in her spring [post-rain] glory:

Our home was built in the 1940's by the Tillman Family, who loved this little house for over 60 years. It has a tremendous amount of character that I'll share with you (like, the fact that in one room, there are three different types of base board!)

Zach and I are only the third family to live here and we're hoping to share the same amount of love for this house as the Tillman's did for so many years (although, I doubt we'll be here nearly as long)!


  1. It's beautiful! I love the flower bushes out front and everything else about it. Great house!! Congratulations!


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