A House in Progress: Living Room

Welcome to our home! Come on in, stay awhile!

If you were at my house and the beginning of my tour, you'd be standing in my living room right now - not because you'd walk into the living room first, but because this is the first room I feel like showing you!

When we moved in, all of the walls in the main part of the house were this pale dirty yellow color. It wasn't terrible, just boring. In addition, all of the pictures we owned, had some sort of wild animal in them (i.e. deer, turkeys, geese, etc). They are great pictures but the space was feeling just like Zach's bachelor pad and nothing like a newly-wed piece of paradise. We also seriously lacked furniture, and as you'll see, style!

Here are a few pictures of our living room. I've deemed that they be classified as 'Before and Progress' rather than 'Before and After' pictures since nothing in our house can be classified as 'After' yet.  We've got our work cut out for us with this charming house!


See that brown recliner in the corner - is it just my man or does every man want a recliner? I don't think I could have convinced (or bribed) my sweet hubby to sit in any other chair but a recliner! Granted, for awhile, he didn't have many options to choose from,  but still, that recliner pulled at the strings of his heart.
When I look at these pictures, I laugh at myself that I invited people to come see us and then didn't give them a place to sit! To make matters worse and slightly more embarrassing, this was the state of our living room for almost three months.

Since these picture was taken, we have painted, thrifted, minimized the numerous wild game/animal pictures, antiqued, patched holes, accepted generous donations by people who really love us (or just felt incredibly sorry for our chair-less friends), and covered up our own mishaps. 

Today, it looks something more like this.

I think we're headed in the right direction! What do you think?

And yes, to my surprise, my sweet husband decided to sell his recliner to a friend. But don't be fooled like I was by thinking his reclining days are over - he just asked which chair would be moved out when he finds a new recliner!

Much love,


  1. It is shaping up beautifully Callie. I love your home, so charming and warm....filled with love <3

  2. Callie, I love that you've started a blog-I'm so excited to keep up with you through this!! I have one too (morgantedder.blogspot.com) if you want to check it out. Also, your living room looks great! I love the floral pictures stacked on top of each other in between the windows.


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