Our Dining Room and the Most Beautiful Table

When we moved into our home, we did  not have a dining room table.

Surely, we could have saved our pennies and bought a table. However, sometimes I think Zach and I choose the most time-consuming and effort-requiring method. My creative husband decided he would build our table instead.

"If you build it, they will come" [Name that movie :) ]

I was consulted on leg style and stain color but that was about it. My goodness, I am so glad that my opinion wasn't warranted on more of the table or I could have really messed up what turned out to be the most beautiful table I have ever seen.


Look at that wood! I never thought heart pine wood could make my heart flutter like this...

Beautiful, right? He did an incredible job! And apparently when you can build a gorgeous table for a few hundred dollars, you also suddenly become indebted to everyone. So, for all you tableless folks like we were, he is currently taking orders!

With the table in, we still had quite a bit of work to do. You see, when you own a 1940's home with original old windows, they crack and must be replaced. What a shame - old windows have irreplaceable character.

Yes, that is an extension cord going through our closed window. That picture was taken after the duct table was removed!


Not sure what I was trying to capture here but I sure do like this angle of my hubby. Oh, that's right, maybe it was the big hole in our house! After receiving the wrong sized windows and not knowing it until we had taken out a window, we were left with a boarded up hole for a few weeks.

I also found this baby for $50 at a consignment furniture store and decided to refinish it from it's old cracked paint and scratched glory.

Here's our dining room now... still a work in progress but at least we've accomplished a little something!


I'm planning to add more frames to the wall and move them closer together - still deciding what kind of botanicals I want to use.

This past Wednesday night, we had our first dinner party. Zach and I hosted 18 of our Bible study members (and baby Cason, who is only 3 weeks old) for dinner. They are so much fun and I absolutely loved having them over to our house. Zach enjoyed telling everyone how I made him do a 'run through' of getting drinks, the appetizer, dinner, and dessert to make sure it all flowed well. I just had to be prepared!

Thank goodness I had extra rags to clean up the drool they left after sitting at Zach's table!

Much love,


  1. I love it! The table is beautiful and the dining room looks so great!! Miss you!

  2. I too am most impressed with Zach woodworking. The table is gorgeous and the dining room looks so inviting and warm. Nice job you two!


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