Sunday Funday

This past Sunday, Zach and I volunteered in the nursery at our church.

We were instructed to the newborn nursery, and I could tell that my manly-man husband was wishing he could do anything other than hold tiny babies. He even started to offer to go grocery shopping and stand in the long Wal-mart lines - anything to get out of this!

He was almost off the hook when we realized that there were just as many helpers as there were babies, and we volunteered to move across the hall to the 'Crawling-Walking' room where there was one helper to 20 kids. This was much more of Zach's element.

We put on our bright green aprons and went to work playing with the kids. They were all so precious!

I was quickly named the 'Baby Whisperer' which sounds like a complement but really it meant that it was my responsibility to quiet any crying  baby. To be honest, I didn't mind one bit! It was a fun challenge and I had learned my skills from my mom and sister.

Zach took to all the 'athletic' children and threw rubber softballs back and forth. He was also a gate-keeper for the few boys that kept trying to climb on the small plastic tables. Zach did great! From one little boy sucking Zach's thumb and drooling all over him, to stinky diapers, to a few tired babies, I was so impressed with my hubby.

I snapped this picture for your viewing pleasure - he's a natural!

[Sorry for the  blur, my subject wouldn't pause for a picture :) ]

After we said goodbye to all the children and were walking away from the huge 'Jonah and the Whale' mural, Zach looked at me tiredly and sweetly said, "I'm glad we're waiting another 5 years before we have kids!"

Is now a good time to let him know that if we are waiting 5 years for kids, we need to work in the nursery every Sunday so I can get my fill of children?

How about I save that conversation until after the kitchen remodel chat!

Much love,


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