Take your pick!

Our cute little home has two great guest bedrooms that share a bathroom. It's a pretty interesting set-up that keeps my imagination going with ways to add a bathroom or add a hallway half-bath. I'm becoming very good at adding to Zach's 'Honey-do' list.

I have a lot of work to do on these guest bedrooms but at least there's one important thing in each room... a bed!

Here is the bedroom on the right:

 You see that picture with the geese? Yep, that's one wild-game picture moved out of the living room. 

From Guest Bedroom #1, you enter what I have deemed 'The Library'. If we had kids, it would be a great place to stash their toys. But since we don't, and won't for quite a while, we've made it into a room to stash all of our childhood memories and books.

I found this sweet bear chair at a large furniture store down the street. When I saw it, it was broken and in need of some TLC. I offered $5 for it and they quickly said 'Sure!'. I love it! 


From The Library, you enter into our guest bathroom. I love this little bathroom (which just so happens to be larger than the master bathroom - which also means that renovating the master bath is on Zach's Honey-do list!)

I bought this picture because it reminds me of all the Betty's in my life (I have 3 Grandmas and 1 Mom named Betty - whew!) and because I have such fond childhood memories of going to the beach every summer. 

Here is a view of our backyard from the guest bathroom. We have a huge Dogwood and tons of Camelias back there... and as you can see, a really nice power line that cuts straight through our yard.

Here's a view of the bathroom from the second guest bedroom (the one on the left from the hallway).

And, here's the bed in the second guest bedroom. I stole the nightstand I originally had in here for the living room. So I snagged a TV tray out of the closet and am using it right now instead.

Stashed in this room just so happens to be a few wild animal pictures. My husband loves turkey hunting - so most of the animal pictures featured in this room are turkeys (as well as the large picture in the living room).  In the picture below, you can also see the door to the other guest bedroom.

Come over and pick your room to stay in! They're always changing and improving so I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Much love,