Upholstered Ottomans

I have a new love for upholstered ottomans when used as coffee tables. I want one - actually, I've already picked it out and chosen the fabric, I just have to settle up on some internal debates and cough up the money to get it. Oh why does money have to limit my decorating desires! I've found a great deal on one so if it works out in the next few weeks, I'll definitely let you know!

Here's a reminder of what my living room looks like right now.

We inherited that coffee table and it's been great to have! When we got it, it had green legs so I slapped a little black paint on it and felt accomplished. Somehow, huge gashes have started to develop on its surface with no explanation. It could be my construction-loving, steel-boot wearing hubby or some other unexplainable force. Unfortunately, my wood markers just don't seem to be fixing the fake-wood surface.

So, it's time for a new table. Here's what I'm thinking to replace it.
I really like 'leggy' ottomans and in particular, these legs. With our overstuffed floral chair as well as a few patterned pillows, I thought it might be best to keep the pattern on the ottoman simple. 

Here's an up close view of the fabric I'm considering. It is called Wingate and is made by CraftMaster.

What do you think? And as always, here are a few of my inspiration photos!

They are all so beautiful! I am still working through my internal struggles of loving light colored fabrics but knowing that a coffee table a.k.a. a foot rest for dirty boots cannot be a light fabric. I refuse to have anything in my house that I am going to cry over if it gets ruined.

So, cheers! Here's to a dark upholstered ottoman/coffee table that can be spilled on, sat on, and hold dirty feet! 

Much love,


  1. Callie and Zach:
    I stumbled upon this link on facebook and got curious when I saw ya'll attached to it (please dont dare think that I am so kind of designer freak or something). Anyway, ya'lls furniture/living room looks great, and it looks like ya'll are doing great down in the Valdosta area (right?). Sorry if it was inappropriate for me to leave a big long comment on this but I just wanted to send my best and say that all the potential selections look great!

    Much Love,
    Alex Hand


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