What's Cookin' in the Kitchen?!

What's cookin' in your kitchen?

As a new wife, I am learning a lot about cooking. The more I cook, the more I enjoy it - and ideally, the better I'll get.  That's how it works, right? Right?? Zach sure hopes so!

At least as I am learning how to cook, my surroundings are becoming more attractive.

You see, this is how our kitchen looked right after we moved in:

Our appliances were a little out-of-date so one of the first things we did was update those puppies. The only acceptable finish for the appliances in my recliner-loving-husbands mind was stainless steel. So that's what we chose! We got a great 'Black Friday' deal at Lowes.

Here begins our kitchen issues - well really, one main issue - it was dark and somewhat drab. I like green, and we still have this color in the back part of our house, but for the kitchen, we needed something else. Green with amber-colored cabinets was not working for us.

Around the same time, Zach and I were loving the blue-gray color scheme trend.

Insert Martha Stewart paint in our lives. She has a catalog of paint colors that are categorized by symbol. So long as you follow the symbol, all of the paint should coordinate through your house well. We picked our symbol and there were enough neutrals and a pretty blue-gray to make our heart skip a beat.

So, welcome to our kitchen!


'The Millers' sign was used at our wedding reception to welcome our family and friends. I love it!

Short story. What do you do when you are about to welcome 18 people into your home in an hour and you look over at your wall and realize you have two frames hung on the wall that have the frame companies cheesy-woman-smelling-a-flower picture still in the frames?

Well if you're me, you laugh, think for a moment that it could be really funny to leave the cheesy picture in there, but then realize this is only your 2nd week in Bible Study, and you're attempting to make friends. Realizing I had to do something, I quickly took the frames down, turned the picture of the woman over, drew two birds, and hung the frames back up.

Because I laugh every time I see them, they're going to stay for awhile.

 Gosh how I love this ceiling!

Thanks for stopping by! And if you come over to eat, I promise I'll cook one of the few meals that I know tastes good!

Much love, 


  1. Looks great Callie!! I love your ceiling too! I have something like it!

    Here is a quick cook for you that tastes good:

    brown 1 lb ground beef, drain if needed.
    Add 3/4 cup barbeque sauce
    take 1 can refrigerated biscuits and put in a muffin tin bringing up the sides making a "well" in each that you fill with the ground beef mixture,
    Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake at 400 till biscuits are light brown.

    Serve with a salad...

    Now since you are married to a hunter..I will tell you that I make mine with ground venison!


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