I need to go out of town more often!

Last week, while I was in South Carolina for work, I kept receiving phone calls from my hubby that he was doing some household chores like yard work. He notified me that he was going to replace the sod on the side of the house - so I got a call when he rented a sod cutter to remove the sod, another phone call to tell me that he borrowed a tractor to level the ground out, and then a call to let me know he had picked up the sod.

Well, he ran into a slight problem. When he picked up the sod from the store, they loaded the pallet into the back of his truck with a fork-lift. However, because we do not own a fork-lift, Zach had to get the sod out of the truck a different way. Most people might think that as he unloaded the sod by hand, he would have just laid it in the dirt where the grass needed to grow.

My husband is much too creative for that.

He decided to lower the tailgate, tie the pallet of sod to my beautiful Crate Myrtle and then gun the truck forward, ripping the pallet of sod out of the truck and on to the ground.

Sod flew everywhere, as well as, a piece of the tailgate!

And then, my sweet and well-meaning husband ran out of time to lay the sod. When I came home on Tuesday night, I had to dodge rolls of sod all throughout our driveway.

Valdosta was expecting a large storm on Thursday. So on Wednesday, realizing that my husband did not have a single moment to lay the sod, I went to work. Those rolls of sod are heavy and I have never been so dirty in my whole life!

I am still proud, and will likely brag for a very long time, that I laid that entire pallet of sod by myself.

When Zach returned home about an hour after I had finished and quickly showered, he was amazed that the sod had been laid. He asked who did it and I told him I hired the boy down the street to do it. He didn't buy my story.

I couldn't figure out why until I passed by the mirror and saw that my face was  bright red and I still had dirt in my hair.

So, we parted ways for our evening plans, he to Bible Study and me to babysit, and when I returned home around midnight, I was welcomed with this.

That's right, it says "Voted Best Wife of All Time Callie Miller"!

Bring on the sod!

I will lay sod for the rest of my life for banners like these.

I will also discretely leave a honey-do list on the counter next time I go out of town!

Much love,


  1. Now that's pretty tough of you!! My husband is a builder and occasionally has to lay sod when they are finished w/ a house...He HATES it!
    & This is a 6'2, 200lb something, ex athlete, strong, tough guy!!!!!!!!! And he hates it! Despises it! SO GO YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. Callie, that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!! So precious!


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