Fairwell Summer - Hello friends!

I mean seriously, where have I been? Zach and I had a great summer - and apparently, so great, I forgot my manners on letting everyone know what we were up to.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments acknowledging the fact that I have dropped the ball and that you'd like an update! I love you and the fact that you love me back!

For the past two weeks, off and on, Zach and I have been watching two sweet kids. I thought I'd go ahead and share a picture of what happens when we all ride in the car together - I'm driving and Zach is 100% of the time requested to ride in between their two car seats.

They love Zach.

Also, this picture is from the last time they spent the night - but I just wanted you to be aware of how great at building tents/forts we are. Growing up, this was one of my favorite things to do. I always felt like I was in another world where no one could find me... even if I was just in the living room. The kids (and Zach) loved rummaging through the house for the best tent making supplies.

(cough... the office has been updated since this picture... cough... potential blog post coming up)

After the kids left for school and Zach off to work, I may or may not have curled up underneath the tent and zipped up my sleeping bag - only to realize that I was the only one left to clean up the fort that now consumed my office and I had a video conference call in 20 minutes.

Zach has since decided we'll be waiting to have kids of our own. So I am now accepting all offers to watch your children. Email me :)

Much love,