Do you pin?

By now, I'm assuming most of you have found the beloved site, Pinterest. If not, welcome to a heckava lot of fun.

On Pinterest, you create virtual inspiration boards that you can then 'pin' pictures to with a note about why you love it. A few of the notes about my 'pins' may or may not read something like, 'oh this outfit is perfect for a Clemson game' or 'get in my belly' (p.s. that would be a picture of food/dessert) or 'Perfect Thanksgiving place card'. 

I. Love. It.

Here's my 'I want to wear it' mood board. If you see me in an outfit that looks like one below, promise me you won't mention that Pinterest is now dressing me. mkay? I'll keep it a secret if you do too.

I have boards for home decor, very future kids rooms, food recipes I want to cook, desserts I want to eat, so on and so forth. In my head, I have already remodeled my laundry room three times, the master bedroom twice, and redone both guest bedrooms about six times. It's great! If you happen to be my husband reading this... I haven't started any work just yet!

Here's a glipse of my 'Home Sweet Home' board. Oh, happy day.

I even have a board for all the things I swoon over called, 'I'm Ready to Buy You'. Thus far, I've not bought a thing. Good girl.

If you decide you have 5 or 50 minutes to spare perusing this site, I'd highly recommend it.
And when you do, you can find me so we can keep tabs on each other's latest crush.

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If you are already a fan of Pinterest, make sure we're following each other - you can leave me a comment below if I need to get my act together and follow you too. I love you to pieces and want to see what you're up to!

xoxo, Callie