Christmas Cards galore!

One thing I look forward to every year is receiving Christmas cards. This was the first year that Zach and I made one - and I'm already behind. They are ordered - were supposed to be in on Tuesday - but still haven't gotten here! I figured we could just change our 'Merry Christmas' to 'Merry Everything' so that even if the cards don't get here until Valentines Day, at least we've got our holidays covered!

Last year, I strung the Christmas cards we received under the mantle. However, this year, as I was finishing up my Christmas decorations, I thought the kitchen looked a little more bland than the rest of the house. So, here are some pictures of what I decided to do.

I used red wired ribbon with a thin gold glitter trim and just taped the ribbon to the backside of the cabinet doors. The cards are held up by clothes pins.  

My clothes pins needed a little glitzing up too... so I dipped them in glue and gold glitter!

Now that all of the cards - from people who can manage to get them out on time - are up on the ribbon, my doors are filling up! Oh I love the faces on all these cards! 

On my mission to spread holiday cheer, I figured it was a must that I show you a close up of this sweet fella'! Tell me he doesn't make you smile!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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