What happens when the Christmas Tree Man is wrong?

I love Christmas time. I love that it is a time when families get together and every home seems so warm and inviting. People are in a jolly mood and there are constant reminders of Jesus everywhere.

I also happen to really enjoy decorating my house for Christmas. As soon as we returned to Valdosta after Thanksgiving, I was on a mission to find our Christmas Tree. Zach and I stopped by Lowes, saw their great prices, but were in the mood to support our local economy - so we walked out the door and directly into the Christmas Tree lot in the Lowes parking lot. We bought our Christmas tree from the same place last year.

We picked our tree, haggled for a good price, double checked the height with our 8' 4" ceilings, and brought that puppy home.

When Z stood the tree up outside, I started laughing because I just knew it was too tall. Z didn't think so... after all, the christmas tree lot man had measured it at 7.5 feet tall with room for the base (which we had taken with us). 

Next thing I knew, this was our tree. 

Did you see how far the tilt of the base is? Oh my.

It may just look like a few branches need to be sawed off - but in all actuality, we had to take off over a foot because my angel needed room to soar her wings.

We sawed limbs off for almost an hour - albeit, with a kitchen knife! The Christmas Tree lot man's wife told us any ole butter knife would trim the limbs. False.

Two days after this stunt, I pulled the knife out of the butcher block to find that Z had just returned it to its home without washing off all of the tree juice. My role in life as a wife is validated more and more everyday.

And, tada! Here's our tree - sawed, lit, and bearing all our ornaments.

This was our tree last year with colored lights (we alternate every year - white for me, colored for Zach). Let's see how long this rotating lasts :)

I think we're improving!

xoxo, Callie