Monday, January 02, 2012

Bowling with Christmas Trees

I hate taking down Christmas decorations. I fear the 'aftermath'. And by aftermath, I don't mean the fact that I'll probably be walking around with pine needles stuck to my bottom from sitting in a chair 'aftermath'. It's the lack of spirit and holiday cheer missing from my home that I will miss. It is, as Pier 1 put it, Blahuary.

Especially this year. I may or may not have gone overboard on Christmas decorations. But the look of a house that is so sweetly celebrating Jesus' birth with garland hanging from every nook and ornaments all over the place. I just love it.

But, the time came. After all, it's after the first of the year and I was feeling the need to clean and simplify my home.

As we were putting away our Christmas decorations, I look over and see my husband talking on the phone throwing an ornament up in the air.

I looked at him with the stare of 'you know that's breakable' and kept packing. Most mom's have to keep their breakables out of reach of their children - this girl will always have to keep them from her husband. He has an extremely creative mind.

He put the breakable ornament down and walked over to the tree to find one of the impossible-to-shatter ornaments. And then I realized what was happening.

My Christmas Tree candles were lined up on the floor and he was ready to go bowling.

As I laughed and ran to grab the candles before they became bowling pins, I realized that Christmas decorations or not, my January would never be a Blahuary.

And with that, goodbye Christmas. See you again next year after Thanksgiving!

xoxo, Callie