Saturday, December 31, 2011

Minute to Win It Christmas Party - Part 2

Our Christmas Party this year was an Ugly Christmas Sweater party with Minute to Win It games. The post detailing the first portion of the night and the individual games can be found here.

Although the individual games were really fun and a great way to start the party, I just couldn't wait for everyone to come together to play our last three games. I would laugh just thinking about the games.

The first game was 'Face the Gingerbread Man' and the goal of the game was to move the cookie that had been placed on your forehead into your mouth using only the muscles of your face.

And some of the happy winners!

The second game was so much fun to watch - but not nearly as fun to play! Zach and I decided to demonstrate how to play 'Jingle Bell Rock'. A pedometer was placed on a sweatband that was then placed around the contestants head. Normally, a pedometer is used to sense body motion and count footsteps while walking or running. In this challenge, it was used to count head jerks. We did face-offs so the winner was the individual who had the highest number on their pedometer.

Have I mentioned that I'm competitive? Only a little bit.

Warning! The following pictures are really funny and slightly embarassing.

Zach beat me by 7 steps. Moving on.

After playing this game, many competitors wanted to exchange the sweatbands for Advil -  the laughter though was priceless.

The final group game was called 'Jingle in the Trunk'.

This game was particularly hard to get pictures of because people were running all over the place, jumping around, and doing back bends. Here's Jeremy with the box strapped to his back - you can see he has successfully gotten a few bells out!

We wrapped up the evening with a White Elephant gift exchange and I just wanted to leave you with a picture of what Zach and I's gifts ended up being! My Starbucks gift card was sadly 'stolen' and I got this furry leopard stocking ... and Zach stole those Santa Claus boxers shorts from our friend Kim. I have a feeling she wasn't disappointed.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

UPDATE: If you're looking for the templates I used for this event, you can access them here.
The fonts used are 'Cambria' and 'Blackjack'. You can download 'Blackjack' for free at -- this is one of my favorite fonts!  

xoxo, Callie

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Minute To Win It Christmas Party - Part 1

Zach and I hosted an Ugly (aka really festive) Christmas Sweater party this year where everyone came ready to play some 60-second Minute to Win It games.

Upon arrival, everyone was given a score card with the location of the games on it. We had to spread the games all throughout the house when we realized almost 30 people were coming!

It was a very casual evening where appetizers and soup were ready for dinner when you wanted to take a break from playing games. 

For the first portion of the night, we had five individual games set up throughout the house - the three 'living room' games were group games. 

The Snowball Toss was located in the office. You can also see the 'photo booth' area behind the sign.

The goal was to throw the marshmallows, one at a time, through the wreath and land at least 10 in the bucket within 60 seconds.

Garrett did it!!

And what happens if you don't have a bucket full of marshmallows to show off? Just look as cute as Caryn by poking your head through the wreath!

The Christmas Nutstacker game was loads of fun too!

The premise of this game was to load your candy cane with the 8 nuts and then stack them on top of each other - one at a time.

In the same room, on the bed, was located 'Do You Hear What I Hear'?

In this challenge, the Christmas tradition of shaking presents to figure out what's inside was turned into a 60-second game. Using the lift, rattle, and listen method, you must arrange 7 gift boxes filled with different quantities of jingle bells in ascending order from 5 bells to 35 bells - and then note your guess of the order on your score card.

The fourth individual game was called 'Christmas Ball' and was located in the other guest bedroom. Zach moved the furniture around so that we could maximize the space.

This game was surprisingly one of the most challenging games of the night. The premise is to fan an ornament using a wrapped gift box into a select area. From what I heard, only a few were able to do it!

And as you can see above, here's our pretty wrapped gift box at the end of the night.

And the last game... oh boy was this one fun. I choose to place 'Oh Christmas Tree' in the dining room for two reasons - 1. I needed another space and 2. If you failed and the cups came crashing down, everyone would know! How thoughtful of me.

It was certainly fun to watch!

And here are some pictures of those who took the challenge!

p.s. heres' the difference between using a flash and not using a flash. In the picture above, Rachel appears to be calmly placing the cups when in reality this is what she really looked like... Go Rachel, Go!

And here's Merlin bringing the cups down for a victory!

The skills - not to mention the outfits - of every person that came were so impressive! We have some competitive friends!

The individual games were really fun and a great start to our party. It allowed everyone to hang out, mingle, and even show off their competitive side. However, the group games (and by group, I mean, they were played in front of everyone) were a big hit. I had picked out and saved three games I thought would be the funniest to watch.

To see the group games, click here!
UPDATE: If you're looking for the templates I used for this event, you can access them here.
The fonts used are 'Cambria' and 'Blackjack'. You can download 'Blackjack' for free at -- this is one of my favorite fonts!  

xoxo, Callie

Friday, December 23, 2011

How I decorated for Christmas!

Wondering how much Christmas decor can be squeezed into a small 1940's home? Wonder no more! I may keep my Christmas decor up until - well - next year! I love it so why should I take it down? Kidding of course. The pine needles everywhere make me think I was supposed to take it down yesterday.

Here's the kitchen! You got a preview in the post here.

Love these plates from Williams Sonoma! I was given a set when Z and I got married - and bought a few more in the after Christmas sale.

My little chalkboard - I change it all the time - and considering it was 72 degrees today in Valdosta, I probably should go ahead and change it from this. It's not cold outside!

For more than ten years, my mom has given the girls in my family a silver bell. Aren't they beautiful?

The Christmas cards and tree clippings above the fridge.


Let's keep going! Off to the dining room and living room!

I hung Frasier fur wreaths ($5 at Home Depot) in all the windows inside using gold ribbon. No bow... just simple.

And of course, no dining room picture is complete without a shoutout to my hubby who built our table (talked about here).

There are beautiful bronze, copper, gold, and silver antiqued glass ornaments on the table and more tree clippings hung in the lighting.

And, here's the living room. I could sit in here all day long!

How do you decorate a mantle with a TV on it? It stumps me all the time! One day, we'll figure out another place for the TV.

Merry Christmas and Merry Everything! I hope you are enjoying your family and all the holiday festivities!

Much love,