Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burning Jalapeno Hands

A few disclaimers as I begin...

There are no pictures in this post. That is on purpose. You'll understand by the end of story time.

Also, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to read cautiously.

So, here we go. Last night, Zach and I hosted two friends for dinner. We had a great time eating our 'endless' taco's family style - where all the ingredients were spread across the table. I made homemade salsa to complement all of the delicious ingredients. 

At some point in the midst of the night, my fingers and then hand started to burn. It was awful! We all thought it might have been from when I was cutting the jalapenos - so we googled remedies and tried them all. I soaked my hand in milk, tried baking soda, Solarcane for sunburns... no relief! 

We ended the night shortly after birthday cake and candles - and my hand was still burning.

The only thing that helped was running cold water over my hand or wrapping it with ice. By 11 p.m. I was exhausted and almost asleep.. except that my burning hand kept me awake. Zach offered to go get a cold pack out of the freezer. I was thrilled. He wrapped it in a dish towel and I was set to fall asleep happily.

Luckily, at some point in the night, my hand stopped throbbing. I rolled over and left the icepack in the middle of the bed. I slept contently.

Zach and I woke up and I got ready for church. It takes me significantly longer to get ready so Zach stayed in bed and watched TV. When he got out of bed, I went to make the bed up.


As I pulled the sheets up, I noticed there was blood everywhere. After a quick self-examination, and ruling that it wasn't my blood, I yelled to Zach to let him know he was bleeding.

He came into the room and said that he couldn't find a place that he was bleeding from. When he looked at the sheets, I could tell on his face that he knew exactly what had happened.

Apparently, he had left our cold pack in his lunch box at a job site. When he went to the freezer, and realized we did not have a cold pack, he grabbed a package of raw ground Venison.

Yes, you read that correctly, I slept with my hand on a thawing package of raw meat! 

I thought I was going to toss my cookies.

I stripped the bed down more quickly than I could scream - found blood on our pillow cases, pillows, sheets, and duvet.

Oh, it was awful!

So, after two showers, candles lit all around the house because I just thought the house smelled bad, and washing all the bed linens twice, I have mostly recovered. If there are stages of recovery with sleeping with raw meat, I'm now at the queezy laughter stage.

Hey, with a resourceful husband at tow, my hand is no longer burning. 

We also made a stop by the store today to buy enough cold packs to last us the rest of our lives.

Much love,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Renewed Motivation to Get 'Stuff' Done

Good morning!

Do you ever feel unproductive but know that inside you have it in you to get things done? Currently, I am trying to harness my inner-productivity. I have had a great week with work and taking care of two sweet kids for the past few days while their parents are out of town.

It has been so much fun and I am pulling all of my pictures together to share our adventures as of late with you. I hope you find as much joy in the pictures as I have had in living it out this past week.

However, I feel like I can do more. I'm excited and I am motivated to get things done! So, I've begun with the checklists. If you know me well, you know I love a to-do list with little boxes that I can check and then also cross out the task I have completed. Obviously, I love the feeling of accomplishment!

On a different note, while on our family vacation to the beach, little Miss Addy did not feel like wearing her beach hat.

Zach, attempting to be the best-Uncle-ever, thought that if put her hat on, maybe she'd see just how cute it was and want to put it on her head.

When she saw that he had it on, she walked over to him and patted his head.  

But then, she just walked away to play with her toys.

I guess she thought it looked better on him!

Much love,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Children LOVE Zach, promise!

Yeah, yeah, I heard ya. I heard all the comments about how when Zach and I worked in the nursery, the kid that Zach was holding looked terrified.

Hold tight! I'm about to prove you all wrong - Zach really is great with children.

Here is the picture of the, as some of you put it, terrified child (also found in this post if you missed it):

The only look I see on Zach's face and this sweet child's face is a look of possible irritation thinking 'Lady, we were having a lot of fun until you started waving your hands in the air trying to get us to pause for a picture!'

However, for all you naysayers, I still have some evidence to prove you wrong. Last week, Zach and I traveled to Florida for a vacation with my family. We had a blast - and you'll likely see more pictures of our trip soon! While we waited for dinner one night, this progression of pictures occured with a child that couldn't be calmed by anyone except... Big Z!

Here we go...


Did you see that beaming smile? I'm sure you did. How could you miss it?

Yes, he did have to do that over and over and over and over again. And yes, he once again thought, 'Lady, we were having a lot of fun until you started waving your hands in the air trying to get us to pause for a picture!'

Too bad.. it's far too cute!

Much love,

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I need to go out of town more often!

Last week, while I was in South Carolina for work, I kept receiving phone calls from my hubby that he was doing some household chores like yard work. He notified me that he was going to replace the sod on the side of the house - so I got a call when he rented a sod cutter to remove the sod, another phone call to tell me that he borrowed a tractor to level the ground out, and then a call to let me know he had picked up the sod.

Well, he ran into a slight problem. When he picked up the sod from the store, they loaded the pallet into the back of his truck with a fork-lift. However, because we do not own a fork-lift, Zach had to get the sod out of the truck a different way. Most people might think that as he unloaded the sod by hand, he would have just laid it in the dirt where the grass needed to grow.

My husband is much too creative for that.

He decided to lower the tailgate, tie the pallet of sod to my beautiful Crate Myrtle and then gun the truck forward, ripping the pallet of sod out of the truck and on to the ground.

Sod flew everywhere, as well as, a piece of the tailgate!

And then, my sweet and well-meaning husband ran out of time to lay the sod. When I came home on Tuesday night, I had to dodge rolls of sod all throughout our driveway.

Valdosta was expecting a large storm on Thursday. So on Wednesday, realizing that my husband did not have a single moment to lay the sod, I went to work. Those rolls of sod are heavy and I have never been so dirty in my whole life!

I am still proud, and will likely brag for a very long time, that I laid that entire pallet of sod by myself.

When Zach returned home about an hour after I had finished and quickly showered, he was amazed that the sod had been laid. He asked who did it and I told him I hired the boy down the street to do it. He didn't buy my story.

I couldn't figure out why until I passed by the mirror and saw that my face was  bright red and I still had dirt in my hair.

So, we parted ways for our evening plans, he to Bible Study and me to babysit, and when I returned home around midnight, I was welcomed with this.

That's right, it says "Voted Best Wife of All Time Callie Miller"!

Bring on the sod!

I will lay sod for the rest of my life for banners like these.

I will also discretely leave a honey-do list on the counter next time I go out of town!

Much love,

Monday, May 02, 2011

We are loved.


Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your kind comments about Zach and I's blog. It's so nice to hear that you enjoy reading about our many adventures.

With only 11 'blog followers' (actually and embarrassingly, I think I am a follower of my own blog - so make that 10 real 'blog followers'), I wasn't quite sure how many people were reading - but I am now convinced by your sweet comments over the past week that Zach and I are well loved.

I'm back in full force  now that we have overcome some computer troubles and out of town trips!

Much love,