Separating Egg Whites

One of Zach's favorite cakes is a Sour Cream Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. I made it a few weeks ago when we had all of our new friends over (pictured here).

The first time I made this cake, my mom and I were making two of them - one to eat and one to give away. My mom kept stressing the fact that you have to follow the directions exactly as provided. I made one cake - and it was gorgeous. Just perfect.

However, with one gorgeous cake under my belt, my baking ego must have grown a bit and my over confidence produced a less than desirable cake.  It could have been not sifting the flour five times or the fact that my peaks from whipping the separated egg whites weren't stiff enough. Who figured these directions out anyway?

Well, I learned my lesson on that one!

I also learned that enough icing can make every mistake okay.

When separating the egg, I would use the method of cracking the egg in half, and then moving the yolk from each half of the shell back and forth. Not only is this somewhat messy but if the edges of the egg poke the yoke, your done for! You've just ruined all 12 eggs you have to separate!

So, Martha Stewart, in all of her creativity taught me this idea. I thought I'd share with you.

All you have to do is lay a slotted spoon over the top of a bowl. You crack your egg, drop it into the spoon, and ideally, the egg whites drain to the bowl and the yolk stays in the spoon.
If you're okay with an extra dirty spoon instead of gooey fingers, this is definitely a go-to trick!

Much love,