Back to School for Thanksgiving

Remember my sweet friend Chelsea? She invited me to read the story Llama Llama Red Pajama to her class (as mentioned here) back in October. Because she knows that I love her kiddos and that I would be happy to come see them anytime, she invited me to play 'mom' and join a few little kids for craft time during their Thanksgiving party last week.

This is T (a Callie appointed nickname) and we are overachievers.

You see, Chelsea gave us a kit (using the kids hands and feet) to make a turkey. We followed the directions - until we realized that our turkey definitely needed a baseball cap and some glasses - just like T!

It was a really cute craft that all the kids loved doing. However, there was one more craft that I think the kids 'gobbled' up. (cheesy, I know)

Our next mission was to make a candy turkey. We used chocolate icing as the 'glue', oreos, chocolate candy corn, a malt ball, and mini chocolate chips.

Here's a picture of the finished product.

And, let me introduce you to J-man - who was much more interested in eating the chocolate icing than making his turkey! I took on the challenge and feel as if I performed fairly well. At least our turkey tasted good!

Another successful outing with Chelsea's class. She's a great teacher and thank goodness, she let's me come play for a little while.

p.s. I did volunteer myself for story time after lunch and read the kids Arthur's Thanksgiving by Marc Brown.

It was a really sweet Thanksgiving story with a great ending.