How I decorated for Christmas!

Wondering how much Christmas decor can be squeezed into a small 1940's home? Wonder no more! I may keep my Christmas decor up until - well - next year! I love it so why should I take it down? Kidding of course. The pine needles everywhere make me think I was supposed to take it down yesterday.

Here's the kitchen! You got a preview in the post here.

Love these plates from Williams Sonoma! I was given a set when Z and I got married - and bought a few more in the after Christmas sale.

My little chalkboard - I change it all the time - and considering it was 72 degrees today in Valdosta, I probably should go ahead and change it from this. It's not cold outside!

For more than ten years, my mom has given the girls in my family a silver bell. Aren't they beautiful?

The Christmas cards and tree clippings above the fridge.


Let's keep going! Off to the dining room and living room!

I hung Frasier fur wreaths ($5 at Home Depot) in all the windows inside using gold ribbon. No bow... just simple.

And of course, no dining room picture is complete without a shoutout to my hubby who built our table (talked about here).

There are beautiful bronze, copper, gold, and silver antiqued glass ornaments on the table and more tree clippings hung in the lighting.

And, here's the living room. I could sit in here all day long!

How do you decorate a mantle with a TV on it? It stumps me all the time! One day, we'll figure out another place for the TV.

Merry Christmas and Merry Everything! I hope you are enjoying your family and all the holiday festivities!

Much love,